Why Panama

Why Panama

. Panama offers the most favorable and most flexible incorporation laws available in the world. Private Interest Foundations are also available, and are one of the most widely used estate planning structures in the world today.

· Panama is the registered domicile for over 500,000 corporations & foundations, making it the second most popular jurisdiction to incorporate in the world, next to Hong Kong.

· Panama does not impose any reporting requirements for non-resident offshore Panamanian corporations.

· Panama does not allow “piercing the corporate veil”.

· Panama corporations share certificates can be issued in Nominative or Bearer form (anonymous form of ownership), with or without par value.

· Panama corporations do not require Paid-In Capital, nor is there a time limit in which authorized capital must be fully paid.

· Panama corporation’s directors, officers and shareholders may be of any nationality and resident of any country.

· Neither the directors nor the officers of Panama corporations need to be shareholders.

· Meetings of directors, officers, and shareholders may be held in any country and accounting books may be kept in any country.

· It is not necessary for the interested parties to be present in Panama for the purpose of establishing a corporation.

· Panama offshore corporations conducting business outside of Panama do not require a commercial license for offshore business activities.

. Panama’s circulating currency is the US Dollar and Panama has no currency exchange controls or currency restrictions so funds can flow in and out of the country freely.

· Panama uses the U.S. dollar as its legal tender (currency), instilling tremendous fiscal and monetary discipline while keeping inflation very low – under two percent for the last 40 years.

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