Panama Agriculture Investor Visa

Panama Agriculture Investor Visa

Panama Agriculture Investor Visa
Foreigners can become Panama temporary residents by investing in Panama aquaculture, Panama farms, or Panama agriculture with a minimum investment of $60,000 USD. The maximum period for temporary residency under the Panama Agriculture Investor Visa is six (6) years with the temporary residency permits being extended every tow (2) years.
This investment program does not provide Panama permanent residency or Panama citizenship.

Panama Agriculture Investor Requirements
The minimum investment of $60.000 USD can be done through personal title or using a Panama legal entity. Said investment must be in either a Panama aquaculture or Panama agriculture business deemed in the national interest for Panama by the Department of Farm Development.
This investment must increase by $500 for each dependent with proof being provided by a Panama bank’s certification of the deposits to Panama Immigration.

Panama Agriculture Investor Required Documents
1. If using a legal entity submit:
(a) Affidavit from the legal entity’s treasurer or secretary (not the applicant) verifying that the corporate shares are owned by the applicant and what the total capital stock is;
(b) Authenticated copy of the stock certificates in the applicant’s name;
(c) Copies of company’s tax returns. If the company is new and has not yet filed an income tax return, a copy of the taxpayer’s registry with the tax authority;
(d) Authenticated copy of original certification of the company (legal entity) with the Panama Public Registry.
2. Public Account (CPA) certification of the total amount directly invested in the Panama aquaculture or Panama agribusiness including how much was invested by the applicant. The CPA must include copies of documents with will verify this.
3. Copy of the Panama Farm Unique Registration Certificate detailing unique registration number, types of Panama farm activities and location of the farm.
4. Copy of original Panama farm certification filed with the Panama Public Registry;
5. Documents proving direct investment in a Panama aquaculture or Panama agribusiness with a minimum investment of $60,000 USD, such documents could include:
(a) Bank certifying funds transfer or payment of the investment;
(b) Financial Statement Audit;
(c) Purchase & Sale commercial bill or receipt;
(d) Documents regarding importation or purchase if equipment and supplies.
When applying for an extension of this visa, in addition to the above-mentioned documents, the applicant must submit:
(a) Paz y Salvo of applicant’s income.

Procedures and documents required to apply for temporary residency in Panama are explained in another web page.
In addition to those required documents, our law firm will provide you with the following documents:
• Certification from the Mayor (Alcalde) or Sheriff (Corregidor in the area where the farm is located which verifies that an official inspection of the farm was made confirming dedication to the agricultural or aquaculture business.
• MIDA (Ministro de Desarrollo Agropecuario or Ministry of Agriculture Development) issued certification.

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