Introduction to Panama Immigration Visas

Panama has many different types of immigration visas and residency programs offering permanent residency, and in many cases, full citizenship with a passport.

2012 saw several Presidential Decrees creating new types of immigration visas and permanent residency programs leading to citizenship. The most interesting ones created a Friendly Nations Visa where currently citizens of 47 countries considered as friends can apply for permanent residency and become Panama citizens.

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Why Invest in Panama
  1. Favorable Incorporation Laws.
  2. Panama corporations do not require Paid-In Capital.
  3. Panama uses the U.S. dollar as its legal tender (currency).
  4. Panama offshore corporations conducting business outside of Panama.

Reforestation Visa

Panama has a unique eco-friendly immigration visa program which allows foreigners to invest in government certified reforestation projects

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Pensionado Visa

Anyone over 18 years of age can qualify for the Panama Pensionado (Retired) Visa by proving the he or she is receiving a lifetime minimum $1,000 USD per month payment...

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Self Solvency Visa

Panama’s Self Economic Solvency Visa only requires a $300,000 USD investment. This visa has 3 options in order to qualify...

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