Panama Immigration Visas

Panama Immigration Visas

Introduction to Panama Immigration Visas

Panama has many different types of immigration visas and residency programs offering permanent residency, and in many cases, full citizenship with a passport.

2012 saw several Presidential Decrees creating new types of immigration visas and permanent residency programs leading to citizenship. The most interesting ones created a Friendly Nations Visa where currently citizens of 47 countries considered as friends can apply for permanent residency and become Panama citizens.

Panama is attempting to bring in foreign college educated professionals and skilled workers to fill in a gap created by Panama’s recent economic growth but where companies cannot locate skilled workers and professionals to fill their hiring needs.

Other Panama immigration visas are directed towards wealthy foreigners who can invest in Panama’s economy by creating new companies or investing in real estate or industries. These Panama immigration visas are: Agricultural Investor program, Reforestation Visa, Self Economic Solvency Visa, and Tax Free Processing Zone Investor Programs.

There is even a Panama immigration visa program for middle income foreigners who wish to retire in Panama on a set pension, annuity, or retirement fund. This is called the Retiree/Pensioner Visa Program.

All of these Panama immigration visas will be explained in greater detail in this website.

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